Architect / Artist

Personal Details

Nationality: British
Profession: Architect Artist

Education and Professional Status

Malcolm studied architecture and basic design in the 1960s at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Artist tutors at that time included Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton whose influences have remained with him since that time.
Malcolm has shown work in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, annual exhibitions in Brittany, France and in local exhibitions in Hertfordshire.
His work is in several private collections in England, France and America.


His work falls into four areas of endeavour - drawing, etching, watercolour and oils.

His drawings are usually on a fairly large scale and took many weeks to complete. They are detailed analyses of very diverse subjects, taken from a few notes made on the spot and many photographs. He tried to transcend the photographic image (reality), turning it by manipulating contrast and scale into independent "super reality". The process is all absorbing, the drawings in pencil of varying hardness being applied to hot pressed watercolour paper on a flat board. Working always from top left to bottom right (he was right-handed), the order of covering the page doesn't vary. Each drawing is executed using the same planning and technique, density and clarity varying according to subject. By focusing the viewer on detail and "blackness" he hoped to reveal aspects of the scene or object not immediately apparent in reality. Each part of the drawing is visited several times until the required balance is achieved.

Whilst executing the drawings, from time to time he sought relief from the intensity of the work by painting small illustrative watercolours, usually of landscape. Often drawn and painted outside they are quite loose, in stark contrast to his drawings.

The etchings are in many respects an extension of his drawing process. Invariably using a "hard ground" technique they allow detailed working and reworking on a small scale. One of the consolations of etching for the artist is that it allows experimentation with the techniques as well as composition/artistic endeavour.

The section in the website entitled "notes" is a collection of small sketches taken from his mostly "Moleskin" notebooks. They have become, over the years, a form of diary in which he recorded scenes and events that immediately struck him. His personal favourite was "No one noticed Englands failure in the World Cup" recorded one sunny day on a North Breton beach.

His oil paintings are all studio pieces. To date they have been quite small, frequently 200 mm x 200 mm, and are an extension of the "note taking" that inhabits numerous sketchbooks and pads, lately (2012 mostly) the paintings have increased in size as the subjects are examined in more detail.


A number of paintings and drawings are for sale. Enquiries should be made via the contact page.

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